Mega Menu

Mega Menu – extends the standard menu, adding cool and handy features.

Examples of work:


  • Vertical tree categories with control of the cursor (like in Amazon)
  • Block for category tree-like on
  • Integrated search bar
    (tested with searchanise)
  • Banners in the category tree
  • Excellent menu for phones
  • You can add a WYSIWYG content
  • The sticky menu on scroll
  • It is easy to change color
  • Focus on menu hover
  • SVG icons support
  • Compact switch currencies and languages for phones
  • Possible to change the number of elements
  • Switching images for 3 level categories
  • RTL support
  • Upgrade center support
    • style “table (Walmart)
    • Ability to install demo data for menu
    • Integrated Shopping Cart
    • Integrated My Profile
    • Integrated Wishlist add-on
  • Integrated Comparison List
  • Integrated Store Logo
  • Delay when opening drop-down lists
  • Special view to display categories

Version for mobile phones:

The category tree:

If the cursor moves into the green triangle the currently displayed submenu will stay open for just a bit longer.

Ability to install demo data for menu:



  • The vertical category tree requires that there be a corresponding block in the main menu
  • If you plan to set up menu very differently from the demo examples, to clarify whether it is possible or not, contact us at


1 license = 1 CS-Cart installation principle.
Our Ultimate and MultiVendor Ultimate edition licenses work for all storefronts of a single CS-Cart Ultimate and MultiVendor Ultimate installation, accordingly.
Add-ons and Themes which have MultiVendor Edition label supports CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus

Additional information


5.09 (2023-05-01)
4.12.x ... 4.17.x
English Русский