How to buy

1. On the detailed product page, select the required options and click the “Add to cart” button.

2. You will be taken to the shopping cart page.

  • Here if you have a coupon you can add it, then click “Apply coupon”.
  • If you need several products, go to the appropriate page using the menu at the top of the site

After all products are added, click “Checkout” button.

3. On the order page you need to enter your current email, if you wish, you can create an account on the site by checking the “Register you?” checkbox and enter the password.

4. Choose the payment method that suits you.

5. Be sure to read the “Term and conditions” and “Privacy Policy“, after that select the appropriate checkboxes.

6. After clicking the payment button, you will be taken to the payment system page.

7. When payment is completed, you will receive an email with the license number and links to download the files.

8. Read the installation instructions, a link to it is on the detailed product page in the “instructions” section.


The license is linked to the domain that was activated first. If you need an additional license for the dev server, please let us know by e-mail, it’s free.
The domains view and are considered to be different, let us know if you add or remove www from the address of your website.

1 license = 1 CS-Cart installation principle.
Our Ultimate and MultiVendor Ultimate edition licenses work for all storefronts of a single CS-Cart Ultimate and MultiVendor Ultimate installation, accordingly.
Add-ons and Themes which have MultiVendor Edition label supports CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus

Upgrade plans

This is the time of support and access to installation files, updates.
At the end of the subscription period, the add-on will continue to work, just you will not be able to download source files, new versions with fixes and new features.

So to clarify, here is the example:
Your purchase the Instagram Feed add-on today for 1 domain.
Next 6 month you will be able to:
– download new add-on versions
– technical support (if the add-on doesn’t work)

When your subscription expires after 6 months, add-on continues to work on 1 domain. But there are no updates or technical support for it.
You can extend the license for an additional fee at any time, no limitations.

Additional options

Theme/add-on installation

Installation takes place within 2 working days after payment and access.
To install it we need FTP access to the site.
Please send FTP accesses to with order number.

The installation service is provided for a single domain
You can pay for the installation of additional domains here

Color scheme creation

The color scheme is created within 3 working days after receiving the necessary information.
To create a color scheme, we need:

  • brand book (if any)
  • logo
  • suggestions for colors
  • what we should aim to, site examples (if any)

Please send the information to with order number.

Banner source files

After payment, you will receive​ a separate email with the archive PSD files.
You can use these files to create your own banners.

If you have any questions, please contact us at