Extended Banners

Extended Banners – adds new options to standard banners

Video banner


  • Multilingual text in banners
  • Text on mobile devices remains readable
  • Promo banners with video background
  • Banners for product presentation: picture + text
  • Flexible controls and text settings
  • Set your own arrows
  • Uses standard CS-Cart core tools


1 license = 1 CS-Cart installation principle.
Our Ultimate and MultiVendor Ultimate edition licenses work for all storefronts of a single CS-Cart Ultimate and MultiVendor Ultimate installation, accordingly.
Add-ons and Themes which have MultiVendor Edition label supports CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus

Additional information


1.06 (2021-08-23)
4.13.x ... 4.16.x
English Русский