Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed – adds content from Instagram to your website

It is a way to use social proof to increase people’s trust in your store. Users will see what you post to Instagram, how many likes the pictures have. They can subscribe and leave a comment

All this contribute to the fact that the customer chose you instead of a competitor.
Verified by Instagram.


  • easily connect to Instagram;
  • block with the feed is placed on the layout pages;
  • three type of displaying (masonry, grid, scroller and one column);
  • video and carousel support for masonry layout and one column displaying;
  • determine the cache time;
  • easily change the size and quantity of materials;
  • displays information about the number of comments, likes;
  • show feed by the selected #hashtag;
  • show feed on product page by hashtag;
  • show feed on vendor page by vendor instagram;
  • 4 styles for the hover effect;
  • RTL support;
  • popup window with image onclick;
  • hashtag in product options list;
  • smart title with link.



You can configure the number of columns and the spacing between them


Set up just like standard scroller

One Column

Visually similar to the real Instagram feed

Add-on is easily configured


4.2.x ... 4.9.x
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